10 Mistakes Guys Make on a First Date

10 Mistakes Guys Make on a First Date

On the first date, many things can go wrong. Here are 10 common mistakes that
many guys will make on the first date.

      1. The try too hard to impress her.
      It happens all of the time. We get excited and try our best to impress her so that
      she’d want to keep dating us. Unfortunately, this often backfires because it can
      make guys seem too boisterous.
      2. Too many compliments.
      You might like her a lot, but you shouldn’t let her know this every second. A
      well-timed compliment makes all of the difference but a barrage of compliments
      will ruin your chances.
      3. They lack manners.
      Wherever you go, manners are important. Whether it’s how you eat or whether
      or not you pull out her chair at a restaurant, these little things can make a huge
      4. They don’t show up looking your best.
      Too often, guys don’t put enough effort into how they dress. Sure, the rough look
      is appealing to some girls but you can look “rough” without looking like you just
      got out of bed.

          5. They don’t show enough interest in her.
          If you don’t show interest in her personality or what she has to say then she’ll
          think that you don’t want to date her, even if this isn’t the case.
          6. They’re not entertaining enough.
          Many guys show up to the date, but don’t show her a good time. They aren’t
          funny and they aren’t that interesting to her.
          7. They act too nervous.
          It’s okay to be nervous, but some guys go on a date and totally freeze up. She
          might find this cute… at most.
          8. They get too attached too quickly.
          It’s only the first date. Give the relationship a chance to grow. Guys shouldn’t act
          like they’ve been in the relationship for 2 years if it’s only the first day.
          9. They don’t plan enough before the date.
          Planning your date never hurts. Don’t show up having no clue what to do.
          10. They show up late.

Sometimes guys keep her waiting for a long time and show up late to the first
date. They shoot themselves in the foot at the very beginning.

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