3 Topics to Avoid on a First Date

When you are on a first date, you want to impress. You want the woman to feel comfortable, but you want yourself to come across as being strong, confident, intelligent, humorous, and a good provider. However, there are several topics that you should avoid bringing up and if she does, certainly skim the surface and move on. Three of them are so vital to avoid that discussing them can kill the mood and the potentially budding relationship right from the start.

They are: money, marriage, and mom.


Sure, you have a good job and make decent money. Okay, okay, you make really good money. Heck, you’re a millionaire because of the incredible investments you’ve made. Keep it in your wallet for tonight. You may want this women to be impressed with your ability to provide, you may want her to realize that you’re so much better than her exes, that you are just the most fabulous man she’s ever met, but money will bring out two different reactions: she’ll think you’re arrogant, or she’ll be seeing all the material things she can get by dating you.

Sure, this isn’t going to be the case with all women, but once you start talking about how much you earn, she’ll start seeing you through glasses colored green by money and that can lead to major problems for the relationship if it moves beyond this first date.

Talk about your job, sure, but not about how much money you make.


Within the category of marriage comes children. If she starts talking about marriage and how many children she wants, that may be just because she’s being upfront with you. If you starts talking about ‘we’ or ‘us,’ that should raise a red flag in your head.

Do not mention your thoughts, hopes, or aspirations when it comes to marriage or children. Of course, you do want to be honest if you already have children, but don’t talk about the future with regard to these topics.


A guy who talks about his mother in more than passing fashion on a first date can highlight some level of concern. A woman will appreciate a man who cares for his mother, but if you begin to talk about your mother for more than a minute or two on that first date, then she’ll potentially see you as having some attachment issues, or worse.

If the topic of moms comes up, mention yours quickly and move on.

Avoiding these three topics will save you from a lot of trouble when it comes to your first date.

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