4Definite Dating Deal Breakers for Men

Have you ever noticed that the man you met at the online dating service website was so into you but now he isn’t, why? Usually men and women have two purposes of reaching out to an online dating website. One that they are done with flings and they want to be in a serious relationship while the second is to get laid and move on.

It’s easy to tell when the man you met online is interested and head over heels for you. Well, he will go an extra mile to make the relationship work, calls you and arranges romantic dinner dates with you quite often.

If you have been in this position, but now you feel that he is not the same anymore, don’t just jump to conclusions and judge him by thinking there is another woman in his life.

Top 4 Definite Dating Deal Breakers for Men
Here are top 4 reasons why the behavior of the man who was once crazy about you changes all of a sudden and you end up breaking up.

Being in a healthy relationship is not easy. It takes two to work it out, which requires patience, mutual understanding and space. As much as your guy loves you, he also loves his space. This means, you need to give your man his personal “Me Time”. You don’t have to be with him everywhere like a shadow. Men get turned off easily by women who are too clingy. Let him miss you. If you give him space, he will come back to you.

Too Interrogative
Both men and women like to share their feelings, so it’s always nice to ask him about his day but make sure you don’t ask him questions in an interrogative style. If you think the man you are dating is not interested in you any more, this could be one of the reasons. Notice if you ask him too many questions. When you ask him a lot of questions, he feels like you are the boss of him which can put him off easily.

Trying Hard to Please Him
Men like women who play hard to get. They find it very attractive. This does not mean you have to ignore him, it just means be unpredictable. This keeps him on his toes. If you try too hard to please him,it could mean the end. This is a definite deal breaker. This shows that you are not confident of yourself and shows how desperate you are to be with him.

Criticizing in Public
If you keep you criticizing your date in public then he will definitely run away and break up with you. Criticism can be from what he is wearing to how he eats. It just makes him feel like you are embarrassed of him among people and you don’t respect him.

Therefore, if you think he’s the one for you, try to accept him for who he is and don’t be too clingy. He needs a loving partner; don’t make him feel like he is with his mother.