5 Things to Look for When Meeting Men Online

When you meet men online, you’re going to come across a wide range of them, from the laid back, confident types to the arrogant, brash, and braggadocio, and then you might find the kind, sweet, shy types that tend to be left out in the dark. The most important thing to remember when you begin to meet men online is that you might have to sift through a ton to find a few worthy of a date (by your standards).
Meeting men online is quite different than meeting in person, but there are some similarities as well as cues that you can pick up on fairly quickly so that you don’t have to waste too much time muddling through the list.

1. Is His Picture Authentic?

Lots of people online are insecure about their pictures. Guys who have aged, are losing their hair, have put on a few pounds, and so on may use photos that are several years old. They also might use another person’s picture just to place on their profile page. In order to get past the potential pitfalls when it comes to that all-important picture, ask these simple questions:
Do you have other pictures of you? Is that really you? If you’re 40, why do you look 25 in that picture? (When this happens, the guy usually confesses to the age of the picture.
Now, as a last resort, you can tell him that when you meet in person, if those pictures aren’t current and his, you’ll just leave, no questions asked. Why waste time otherwise?

2. Personality
Many online dating sites provide questions and simple, multiple choice answers. Get beyond these. Ask your potential date to answer your questions with something personal. Check his answers against his profile and if they don’t match up, he’s trying to impress and not being honest.

3. A Complete Profile
Anybody (that includes you) who doesn’t take the time to complete their profile isn’t showing much respect to his or her dates. If the profile isn’t complete, he probably doesn’t complete much of anything.

4. Family Relationships
Your potential match should have a healthy and positive relationship with his family, but not clingy. Run the other way if he talks about his mother still making him dinner.

5. Proximity
Long distance relationships are tough. Yes, they’re possible, but the distance will put strain on any relationship, let alone a new, budding one. Focus on a reasonable distance and be patient. Give yourself the respect you deserve and you’ll find the right man in time.

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