5 Tips to Respond to Men Online

Signed up for an online dating service? Wondering how to respond to men online? If yes, then worry no more! Here are some tips that will help you screen out Mr. Right online.

Often, the results you get on an online dating website can make you jump with joy, but it’s important for you to screen out the perfect match before you go on an actual date.

Read His Profile Properly
Not every man who hits on you is the “One”. You need to give it a rest and take it slowly. Since you have signed up to an online dating service, you will definitely have men asking you out. But before you say ‘yes’, it’s important to browse his profile. This will give a preview about him. If you think he is what you are also looking for, then go ahead with your first date with him.

Don’t Respond to Men with No Profile Pictures
If you receive emails from men who have no profile pictures, then you can respond in two ways, either ask him to send you his picture or just simply say no! Remember, if he is has not put up his picture, it’s most likely that he is hiding his identity. Chances are he could be a player. So it’s best to say no to such men and look for honest ones.

Don’t Chase Men
Chasing men is the worst. It’s a turn off for them as they love women who play hard to get. If you send an email to a guy and he doesn’t reply back, then move on. This simply means that he is not interested in you. Emailing him time and again shows that you are desperate and men don’t like that.

Avoid Sharing Your Emotional Baggage
If you get on a good start with a man online and you are on a “get to know” level, this does not mean that he is interested in your personal problems. Online dating has helped men to filter out women with emotional baggage. If the man falls for you for real, then he will want to know about your worries, but don’t expect him to be understanding from the start. It takes time to understand the other person. So it’s best to avoid sharing your emotional baggage online with the man you haven’t even met in person.

Make Him Put in the Extra Effort
If he likes you and wants to get to know you more, he will make an extra effort. So, let him be the first to ask you on a date. This will make you feel nice about yourself and also it will show that he is interested in you.