6 Simples Rules To Follow With Online Dating

Whether you are older or younger, Christian or Jewish, there is at least one dating site for you. There is even sites for farmers and of course single parents. Everyone has heard the good things and the bad things about Internet dating. Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind if you decide to go that route.

1. If he/she looks too good to be true, he/she probably is. Most people will embellish their dating profile because, let’s face it, they’re trying to put their best foot forward, just like you. Be a bit cautious of someone who seems to have it all.

2. Be honest. You are eventually going to meet in person, so there is no point in being deceptive. Different people like different things. Some men like women with curves while others like the thin type. Don’t paint a picture of yourself that is not realistic.

3. Take your time. Exchange emails. There is no need to exchange phone numbers or meet right away. In fact, have a conversation on Skype before you meet in person. Most modern computers give you the capacity to see each other using Skype and it’s free to use if both of you have it.

4. Follow your gut. Women should especially listen to their intuition. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t go forward. One thing about Internet dating, it’s easier to slow things down without hurting anyone’s feelings.

5. Do not provide too much info. There is no need to tell a stranger how much you make or how much your house costs. And especially don’t get into the exchange of sexual information. Unfortunately, there are a lot of predators out there that are looking for a sexual encounter only.

6. Always meet the first time in a public place and provide your own transportation. It’s safer and easy to leave if you start feeling uncomfortable.

Just take your time and follow common sense.

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