6 Tips To Score A Second Date With A Woman Out of Your League

To make a great impression on your first date with a gorgeous lady, whom you totally have the hots for but at the same time you know she is way out of your league, can be challenging. It’s your first and last chance to blow her mind and score a second date.

Here are 6 tips to help you make a long lasting alluring first impression that will leave her gaga over you.
1.Think Outside the Box
If she is super hot, she must have gone on several romantic dates to 5 star restaurants. So, taking her out to a fancy restaurant again can be quite redundant and boring for her. Not very impressive either. Therefore, you need to think outside the box and take her on a fun date spot where she can showcase her fun side. Ideal places can be dance lessons class, basketball game or ice skating.

2.Look Your Best
Once you have planned your dating spot, try to dress up accordingly. If she is a diva, she must be having a really good fashion sense. This means she can easily spot a fashion disaster. So, you don’t have to wear a tuxedo to a basketball game just to show her that you are a well-dressed guy. Dress according to your meeting spot and look your best

3.Give Her a Friendly Hug
How to greet her on the first date is confusing. You are always unsure of whether to hug or to kiss or simply shake hands. The best way to keep things simple and casual is to give her a friendly hug and tell her how delighted you are to see her. Also, give her a sweet compliment.

4.Don’t Judge Her
If you are out on a basketball game, allow her to shout out loud, pass corny comments and express herself. Don’t judge her! If you let her be funny and casual, she will love to go out with you again. She is used to being judged and she knows how people perceive her. Just because she’s hot doesn’t mean she can’t be fun. Let her be comfortable and have a great time. This can be one of her memorable dates.

5.Grab a Bite
Once the game is over, you guys can grab a bite. Take her to a casual place where she can relax and she does not have to be conscious. Talk about how much fun you had at the game. Listen to her, she will like it.

6.Don’t Kiss Her
When you drop her off, you don’t have to kiss her. Simply give her a warm hug and tell her you had a great time and you would like to go out again. She will definitely say yes.