A First Date

Is this your first date with this guy or gal? Are you a little bit nervous? Or, are you instead one of those serial daters and you are planning to use the same formula as you have before. . .even though you are now looking for a serious relationship? Please, don’t be nervous! Please, don’t use your usual formula! Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started off on the right foot:
Guys, bring her flowers.
Unless, of course, she has allergies. If she is highly allergic, please don’t bring her flowers! No woman wants to swell up and sneeze all through a first date. . .or at any time. Roses are the safest bet if you don’t know what her favorite flowers are. Red roses are the safest bet out of all the different types of roses.
Gals, look good.
Guys are extremely visual. I know, it might seem a little superficial, but it’s true. How you look tonight for your first date is going to make up almost all of his first impression of you. This can actually work in your favor, believe it or not. If you show up looking gorgeous and sexy, if you say a few flattering things to him during your date, he will be at your mercy. Don’t go crazy with the makeup, hair spray, and the amount of bare skin you show. Instead, wear your hair down, or half down/half up. Most guys love long hair. Maybe put a couple soft curls into your hair, too – the softer and more feminine you look, the more enchanting a guy will find you, funny enough. Wear a color that flatters your skin tone, face, and figure. If you haven’t spent much time finding out what the best color is on you, stick with basic black. Everyone looks good in black. Wear some sparkling but not flashy jewelry. Now, add a sexy touch. Wear a low-cut blows or shirt. Maybe some skinny pants or a form-fitting skirt. Just don’t let everything you wear be form fitting, unless you are utterly rail thin (and remember that guys like curves) otherwise you might end up feeling uncomfortable at some point during the evening, especially after you have eaten.
For you both
Have fun! Enjoy yourself and your date!

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