Do you want to know the very basics? The very basics to the foundation of a relationship? There are three things that create a strong foundation for any relationship: acceptance, truth/trust, and respect. These three ingredients for a foundation for a relationship are more rungs of a ladder than boards lying next to each other on a bridge.
Acceptance, truth/trust, and respect are sequentially essential. Let me explain a little bit more clearly: you must fully accept your partner/romantic interest to be able to tell them the truth and trust them. (Truth and trust are one item on this list of essentials because you cannot tell someone frank [extremely truthful] opinions if you do not trust them, but it is also hard to trust someone without knowing that they are telling you the truth.) You cannot respect someone – the last layer of the basic foundation of a relationship – unless you have first accepted them, and you trust them/tell them the truth.
We are NOT talking about just begrudgingly “accepting” what we think of as someone else’s flaws. We are NOT talking about deciding that you can simply “live” with someone’s particular peculiarities. No, no, we are talking about whole heartedly embracing everything about the person you are dating, from the way they eat their food to their personality to the way they squeeze toothpaste out of the tube.
You must LIKE the other person. You must enjoy the unique things that define them as a person. After all, you want a relationship with this person, right? Then, you are wanting them to accept you – completely! How would you like it if your boyfriend/girlfriend told you that they liked you. . .that they were in love with you! That would be wonderful, right? Well, what if you came to find out that they secretly did not like something about you? Wouldn’t you feel cheated? Betrayed? What if you two moved in together and after a few months your girlfriend/boyfriend started criticizing the way you clean, the way you work, the way you run your whole routine! Wouldn’t you feel awful?
Just a hint for you, now that you have seen how it would feel to not be accepted: if your girlfriend/boyfriend does not feel accepted they will do one of two things. Either they will stay with you and be one of the most miserable people in the world, or, most likely, they will dump you and hope for you to burn in hell.
So, just remember that acceptance is all about whole heartedly embracing the other person.

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