We all need appreciation – it isn’t too hard to understand that fact. After all, don’t we all think that it feels good to be praised by our bosses? To be thanked for a job well done? To be promoted? Don’t we all love it when some stranger, or a long-time acquaintance takes a special interest in us? Tells us that we look great today? We all need appreciation for what we do – it is an inborn hunger that rests deep inside of us. So, just imagine if you can fulfil this need in your girlfriend/boyfriend. Think about how they will love and appreciate you in return! You will become essential to their life, their wellbeing, and their happiness. Oh, yes, they will certainly be able to function on their own, but they will look for your approval to let them know they are a success in their career and in life.
So, do you want to know how you can show the appreciation your girlfriend/boyfriend is interested in? Then read further. . .
Boys will be boys
No, I am not talking about childish pranks here or muddy clothes and hands. Instead, I am talking about how guys have a few things that they especially need to feel appreciation for – things that women might not value as much. Of course, guys need appreciation for pretty much everything that they do for you or for others. However, they the biggest area where they need you to appreciate their talents and their hard work and effort is their job, or career. For men, a job is not just a job. It is a career – a place where they dedicate themselves and define themselves. Their career is such a huge part – especially in their minds – of who they are, that they have a hard time separating their working life from the rest of their life. They will want to talk to you about work. Please, don’t shut your man down when tries to discuss work in the evenings. If you do, you will effectually be saying (in their minds), that he isn’t good enough for you and his career is below your standards. Maybe you find what he has to saying slightly less than interesting. Please, though, make your greatest effort to always be interested – you can take an interested in anything if you put your mind to it hard enough. If you can’t take in interest in his work, or you have heard what he has to say a million times before, then listen to his stories of work and take in interest in how his eyes light up, how some aspect of something gets him down, or how he shows pride in something else.
Sugar and spice and everything nice
Women, while they often take a huge interest in their own careers and are extremely invested in them, need to be appreciated in several other areas of their life too. After all, women have to play so many different roles in their lives! So, guys, a word of advice: women need to be appreciated in their work – never put down their job or their achievements! Women also need to be appreciated as a woman: she wants you to appreciate her hairstyle, her dress, her looks, her body, and so much more.
Keep in mind, though, a woman wants to be appreciated in every aspect of her life, not just in her career or in how she presents herself to you.

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