Are you thinking right now that appreciation and approval are one in the same thing? Well, then, I have a revelation for you! They are not the same!
Let me explain: appreciation is mostly a silent act, but it goes hand in hand with approval. Approval is the verbal expression of appreciation for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Basically, approval is like praise. For, in order to show approval, you have to usually speak it (as well as have your eyes light up, have your face smile, etc.).
Your guy is just a big softy, actually.
It’s true! Your man is devastated without your approving praise, and he feels fulfilled and successful with it! Your man needs your appreciation and your approving praise most of all for his work – his career. Maybe things aren’t going so well at the office. Maybe he is doing well, but he is under an insane amount of pressure to perform and is reaching for crazy deadlines and goals. If you praise him – if you show him through words just how much you approve of him – he will feel that everything is alright and the sun is shining down on him.
Now, your approval and praise does not need to be over the top or excessive or gushy. Not at all! Instead, make sure you listen to your man. Show interest. Ask questions. Interject comments in the right places. Ask about the people he works with. Get a feel for the environment (luckily, environments can change often, so this is always interesting). Keep a smile on your face while he is telling you about achievements, and thoroughly berate the bad circumstances or cheating coworkers if he is telling you about something that went wrong. Make sure, though, that you never, ever let anything suggest that he is the reason things went wrong!
Your man is not immune to a lack of praise in all other areas of his life, though. Please do show approval for everything he does (if you can approve of it), from work to his taste in culture and clothes to how he loves you.
As a side note, the more you show approval of something your man does, the more he is prone to do it.
Women can’t do all the giving.
Okay guys, I get it. It is hard for you to say “I love you,” and it is hard for you to say “thank you” or “that was wonderful”. However, your woman needs your approval – she needs your praise. Instead of trying to force complements all the time, try to make sure you give her five compliments a day. Have them range from her career to her looks to her personality. Also, just listen to her. Ask her how her day was, and then let her tell you ALL about it. Ask her more questions about particular things – show that you are interested! – and she will feel very special.
As a hint, let me tell you that one of the simplest and most rewarding ways you can show approval is to tell your woman that is beautiful. That she is gorgeous (preferably gorgeous!). If you are really feeling it then, tell her that her eyes sparkle, or that you can get lost in her (green, brown, etc.) eyes.

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