Are His Friends Getting In the Way of Your Relationship?

Your boyfriend and his friends are very close. He loves to hang out with them but you are starting to notice he may be with them more than he sees you. You don’t want to jump to conclusions but you can’t help but feel his friends are getting in the way of your relationship. What should you do? Here are some tips and solutions of how you should handle this issue without making your boyfriend feel he’s stuck in the middle.
Are his friends constantly calling, texting, or even inviting themselves over to hang out? Have you noticed that your “date” often becomes “hang out” time or social time with your partner and his friends? If this is the case, you will need to put your foot down on the issue. If you let it continue, your boyfriend will think this behavior is acceptable all the time. The main thing you should not do is display your anger in front of him while he is with his friends. He will feel he needs to choose sides. Your best bet is to wait until you two are alone and calmly bring the issue to him. Don’t nag him either. It will make him defensive and irritate him. You want him to see your perspective on things. You understand alone time with his boys is important but having them around constantly isn’t fair to your relationship. He needs to understand in order for the both of you to grow; he needs to focus some of his attention on you and the relationship.
You should also avoid giving him an ultimatum. Forcing him to choose between his friends and you can lead to resentment and broken relationships. The only time an ultimatum would be necessary is if you have spoken to him about the issue and he refuses to change. The other thing you should avoid is bashing his friends or speaking negatively of them. No one ever wants to hear his partner badmouth his closest friends.
The best way to handle this situation is to open and honest. Never be mean or rude when it comes to his friends and their time together. Just gently remind him the things you can offer him and tell him you miss him. Chances are he’ll spend that quality time with you.

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