Are You Giving In to Your Partner Too Much?

Like everyone else, you want your partner to be happy with you. Also like everyone else, you sometimes ignore your needs and desires to give in to what your partner wants. You think it’s compromise but in actuality, you are over giving in your relationship.
Your partner may want what’s best for you but he might not know what that is if you don’t tell him. By hushing your thoughts and desires and agreeing with what he wants, you start to lose a bit of yourself. This is very impactful to your relationship because your decision to give in to everything he wants changes the dynamic of the relationship. He may think he knows you well, but he only knows the woman who is sacrificing what she wants to make him happy.
Neglecting yourself is extremely detrimental. You start to doubt your self-worth and lose any chance of being the best version of yourself. If you need to sacrifice things for your partner in order to be happy, it’s time to take a deep look into yourself and think about how much you love yourself. Your partner can’t love you fully if you can’t do it.
There is a difference between compromising and self-sabotage. You want to make sure your relationship is a balanced one. So the next time he asks you what you think or what do you want, tell him the truth, even if you think he won’t agree with you. Couples should work as a team, sometimes one will take the lead while the other follows and vice versa. Allow your partner to give in return. Don’t deny him because you feel it’s not necessary or because you aren’t worth it. To him, you are worth all the time and effort so enjoy it.
Being selfless is a great quality to have. Just be sure you aren’t forgetting yourself and focusing too much on your partner. You want to have a healthy balance of give and take even if you do prefer to do most of the giving. By voicing your needs and wants, you display to your partner who you truly are and your relationship can only grow stronger from it.

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