Are You Sabotaging Your Relationship?

Have you been fighting constantly with your partner lately? Perhaps you aren’t feeling too happy in your relationship and instead of letting your partner know, you are just taking your anger out on him. If you keep behaving this way, you will soon find yourself alone because you sabotaged a potentially wonderful relationship.
Not everyone is perfect, this includes you as well. So before you start finding mistakes in everything he does take a minute and appreciate all the things he’s been doing well. Focusing on all the things he does wrong can create a negative image of your partner. Besides picking on him, your constant error finding will cause him to be defensive and he will be less likely to be open for suggestions since he thinks you are just picking on him.
When you two fight don’t always insist on being the “winner” or the one who is right. Instead of focusing on winning the argument, your true focus should be how to resolve the issue and to address the feelings of your partner. If you always want to be right, he will start to think that’s all you value.
Not making your partner a priority is a sure fire way you are sabotaging your relationship. Being in a relationship means compromise. If you are always putting your needs and desires ahead of his, it will make him feel as if you don’t care about him even when you say you do. Remember actions speak louder than words and you need to show him how much you care about him as well. Make sure your partner is a priority in your life or else you will begin to see him not caring about your priorities as much anymore.
If you recognize you are actually sabotaging your relationship with your partner, it’s time to step up and take responsibility for it. Talk to him about your concerns in the relationship instead of picking fights with him. If you are unhappy in the relationship, it’s up to you to figure out why you feel the way you do and to fix it. He can’t read your thoughts and won’t be able to help you unless you tell him what the true problem is.

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