Are You Selective Or Too Picky?

So you’ve been on a few dates now but none of the guys have been “clicking” with you. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s because you’re too picky? There is a difference in being picky and selective. It’s true that we all want a partner that is perfect but the reality is, there will not be a partner that’s without flaws. Think about it. I’m sure you have some habits that can be annoying to others, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact you are a good person.
Being selective can be a great thing, especially if your last relationship didn’t work out because you weren’t selective enough. If the person you are dating doesn’t have the same future goals as you or isn’t ready to be fully committed to you (while you are to him) then yes it’s time to let him go. You want to be selective in things that will affect the bigger picture. These factors affect you long-term and can make you unhappy if you stick around with a person who doesn’t want the same things as you. If he has one or two habits you don’t like, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Compromises come with relationships and dating, that’s just a simple fact of life. It’s always best to find a partner compatible with you in most things.
Now if you are refusing to go out with him because you don’t like the way he styles his hair or the clothes he wears, it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities in the dating department. Being nitpicky isn’t fair to the guy you’re dating nor is it fair to you. You can be missing a potential long-term relationship with a great individual who can help you grow on this journey of life. So give him a shot and don’t worry so much about the little things that “bother” you. You never know, the annoying habit that irked you could grow on you the more you open yourself up.

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