Are You Settling?

Many of us rather be in a relationship than be single. This shouldn’t mean you should settle for any guy that walks into your life. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. In the end you will feel unsatisfied and unhappy with the life you have. You may also regret the decisions you’ve made. So how do you know if you’re settling? Here are some clues.
Let’s say your current partner is less than ideal for you, yet you stick around. Deep down you’re worried that no one will want you and are terrified of being alone. While it’s a scary thought, don’t compromise on your relationship, especially if you know the man isn’t right for you.
Another reason why you stay in the relationship is because you want to save or fix him. Your partner should not need saving. If he has several issues before you both got together, don’t try to fix them, in fact you should probably head the other direction if he has so much baggage with him. The best partner for you will not be a to-do project for you. While you want your partner to be the best version of himself, he should still already be ideal for you.
Settling for your partner usually means making excuses for him, especially to your friends and family. If they voice concern about the man you are currently with, don’t brush it aside and rationalize his shortcomings. Your friends and family know the person you are and how you shine when you are truly happy, if they see you stressed and unhappy in your relationship even they know you are lowering your standards just to be in a relationship.
Don’t just accept any guy that comes into your life. It’s a privilege for him to know you and you should feel that way about him. You should never neglect yourself to stay in a relationship with someone who is less than ideal for you. Stop settling for less than what you really deserve. It may take a while to be in the relationship of your dreams, but it will be worth it when the right guy comes around.

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