Are You the Other Woman?

Let’s say you are with a guy who is already married. That already sounds bad doesn’t it? There are certain ways you can deal with staying in the current predicament you’re in, or if you are fed up, it may be time to get yourself out of the situation completely.
Ideally, you hope the guy you’ve been with will leave his relationship/marriage. In fact he’s even spoken about it, but the truth is, some things are easier said than done. Divorces can be messy and if his wife finds out there is another woman in the picture, all hell can break lose. So make sure not to put all your eggs in one basket and realize as much as he may care for you, he is still married with obligations to his wife. So don’t sit around and wait for him to call, go out and do your own thing and discover some new hobbies, you may even find a new guy with no strings attached!
Being the other woman is a stressful situation. If you can, choose select people to talk about it with. Having support from friends and family is tremendously helpful and stress-relieving. Choose people who will not judge or shun you because of the decision you’ve made, rather support you when you need it the most. They will also be your rock if things end and you need people to lean on.
As much as you love him, you should also take the time to think of it from his partner’s perspective. It doesn’t matter what he tells you about their relationship. If she doesn’t know, it’s not right. Think about how you would feel if you were her. It’s probably not the best feeling in the world so take it into consideration if you are thinking of staying with him in the long haul.
Any secret relationship is never a good thing. You build your foundation blocks on being sneaky, secretive, and deceptive. While you may love him, you need to ultimately think of what is best for you. Don’t settle for someone who can’t give himself wholly to you.

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