Are You Too High Maintenance?

Taking care of how you look and knowing what you want is one thing, but did you ever think that maybe you were too high maintenance? Yes you would like to keep that new guy interested in you, but be careful you don’t overdo it. Guys like a challenge, but if you prove to be too difficult to catch or keep up with, many will be likely to move before they even get a chance to know how great you are.
You are a true girly girl. You love to be pampered and love the lavishness of a wealthy lifestyle. Don’t expect your new guy to be able to afford all your expensive habits. While he may want to give you the world, his wallet might not be able to do. Don’t give him a hard time, especially if he does make sure to spoil you in none monetary ways. Having the money to indulge in the “good” life is great, but it isn’t everything.
Perfection and admiration are two musts in your life. You are a perfectionist and hate mediocrity. Which is great, because you want the best in life, just don’t let that perfectionist in you nitpick your way to the single life. No one is perfect, including you, so give your guy a chance before you find a full list of flaws of why he’s horrid for you. Along with being a perfectionist, you relish in being admired. This means you have a ton of male friends and few female friends. You rarely get along with other women because they all think you’re conceited or a snob and the guys love you because you’re gorgeous, funny, and intelligent. Keep in mind having a ton of male companions can intimidate a lot of interested men. They will feel they need to fight for your attention. It may be what you want, because you feel he will prove his worth but having to constantly fight for your attention can grow old quick.
You are a great girl with high standards. It’s not a bad thing if you know how to keep a guy interested without coming across as “too high maintenance” or too much work. It’s true the right guy will put in the effort if he’s a match for you, but you don’t want come off like a spoiled brat either.

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