Are You Too Needy?

It’s one thing to make your partner feel wanted. It’s another to be too needy. Now before you think you aren’t too needy, take a look at your behavior when you are with him and when you’re not. Do you do things that make others cringe or annoy your partner? You may not realize it, but you might be too clingy.
When people first start dating, they want to spend as much time together as possible, but real life happens. You both have school or jobs and you other things in your life that need attention. If you find yourself whining every time he needs to leave to do something for work or to have a social life outside of you, you might be heading towards the needy lane. Give him his space and when he’s done attending to the other things he needs to do he will happily come back. Smothering him can cause the opposite effect of what you want.
If you call or text him and he doesn’t respond right away, don’t freak out and do it repeatedly. Behavior like this sends a red flag to him and makes him think you are insecure and even desperate. Give him some time to get back to you before you start to panic. Your world does not need to revolve around him and you need to make that clear by your behavior. You both had your own defining life before you started dating and you need to keep a delicate balance between the two. Men often find it very attractive when women have their own agenda and don’t need to be with the guy they’re seeing all the time.
There is a difference between being needy and being interested in someone. While you want to show you are very interested in the person, especially if you just started dating, you need to establish some boundaries for yourself so you don’t go over the edge and become to needy. If the person you are currently seeing is just as interested he will show that he is. If not, you may be more invested than he is and you might need to reevaluate what you want.

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