Are You Trying Too Hard?

Have you been feeling unlucky in the dating department? Perhaps you thought the last few dates you went on were great but there has been no follow up. So what’s the deal? Did you ever think that perhaps you are trying too hard to get potential partners to like you?
We are each our own individual person and should always strive to be unique. However, sometimes we try too hard to fit into a certain type of box so someone will like us. This doesn’t just mean with potential daters, you may find yourself acting like a different person around different friends or family members. Remember you don’t always have to like the same things as everyone else to fit in.
Think about your last date, did you notice yourself agreeing to everything he said even if you secretly didn’t? Or did you put an approval stamp on all his likes and told him they were all your likes as well? While it’s great to compatible, most men do not want to date a female version of themselves. So the next time you are on a great date, speak your mind and disagree with him on certain things. As long as you aren’t hostile or rude, the challenge of having someone disagreeing with him will keep him interested. Some guys will also avoid you because they will think you are desperate to be with someone and have no personality of your own since all you do is agree with everything they say. It may not be true, but that vibe can be given off.
If you like everything your date likes, or agree on all his viewpoints, some daters already see themselves getting bored and instead of pursuing you, they lose all interest. Guys enjoy mystery and a woman who comes across as intelligent and strong. Always seeking his approval doesn’t help you grow as a person.
You will be more successful in finding a great guy when you are being who you truly are. The reason? Being your own person allows all your positive traits to shine. In the end you want a man who will help you grow as a person and challenge you to push yourself. He can’t do that if you are constantly agreeing with him or looking for his approval.

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