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Generation Gap – Gah!

I was flattered when an older man asked me out to have dinner with him. It wasn't because he was older than me, but because he was such a gentleman, and so different from all the amateur lovers I am used to dealing with. He took me to a very upmarket restaurant, and I loved the way he looked after me, and made suggestions from the menu. I loved the pleasant ambiance and the intelligent conversation we were having. It was all so grown up and civilised! When we had finished he got the bill Read more [...]

Love In The Launderette

I was busy minding my business in the launderette sorting through clothes from the dryer. When I do my laundry I like to wear a cap with the rim low so I don't have to make eye contact with anyone, and I'm usually wearing the last dregs of my wardrobe because all the good stuff is being cleaned. It's not a time for socialising, or meeting hot guys! The hot guy walks in and I catch a glimpse of him and recognise that he is the guy I went on a date with at the weekend. I am mortified. I don't Read more [...]

Come Up For Coffee? Never Again!

It was the middle of Winter and the bar we were in was closing. My date had had a lot to drink and I wanted to make sure she got home safely. She had other things on her mind, which I wasn't going to say no to... We went back to her place, she lived in a block of flats. As soon as we got into her flat we were all over each other. Afterwards I fancied a fag, but she didn't smoke. Being a gentleman, I said that was cool, and that I'd just go downstairs and have one. So I nipped down, only intending Read more [...]

The Sweet Guy

Some people think I'm too nice, they could be right. I met a nice girl called Jenny who had just got a new job as a Bar Tender and was dead excited. She told me to drop by for a drink, it wasn't exactly an official date but to me it felt as good as. So I dropped by the bar on a quiet evening mid-week so that she wouldn't be too busy and we could spend some time together. When I arrived she seemed really flustered. I thought she was nervous because she found me attractive, which I found really Read more [...]

Seeing Double On A Double Date

Double dating isn't something I'd normally do, but me and Gav met these hot tarty girls on a night out together so it made sense to take them both out together the following weekend. They were both blonde and busty, it didn't really matter who took who. We were having loads of fun, drinking shots and raving it up in a trendy bar. We all went out for a fag together, and to be honest I was plastered. Gav was talking to one of them and so I went in for a snog with the one in front of me. I swear Read more [...]

Blood On The Dance Floor

I'm into Salsa in quite a big way, a guy I had been on a date with expressed a passion for dancing and music so I thought it would be fun to introduce him to something I loved. So for our second date I took him to a Salsa club I like. We got there early to attend the lessons because I thought he would find it fun, and it would give context to the night and show him what Salsa is all about. He loved it and seemed to catch on pretty quickly. We were enjoying the night and drinking, I introduced Read more [...]

Beauty Through His Eyes, But Not Mine!

I was dating a Photographer for a few weeks called James who was desperate to photograph me. I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking exactly the same thing. I'm always suspicious of men who say they're Photographers. I had seen his work already, but that wasn't the point, I'm not very good in front of a camera anyway, so I was avoiding it like the plague. Then one day he invited me over for a picnic in his garden, which I thought was original and romantic. When I got there he had Read more [...]

Desperate Date Decision

My first ever boyfriend's name was Phil, and we were in our late teens. My mum's religious and his mum was an alcoholic, so whenever we went on a date and wanted to stay at each other's houses we'd have to do it in secret. It was annoying but also pretty exciting because we were young and in love. One night I snuck phil into my bedroom knowing that that he wouldn't be able to leave in the morning because it would be the weekend and my parents wouldn't be leaving the house early to go to work. Read more [...]

Meeting The Parents…

I was looking forward to picking Jessica up for our date. She was a bit younger than me and she still lived at home with her parents, so I was feeling apprehensive in case I had to meet them and they mentioned the fact that I was older. There was about a ten year gap, but Jessica was a University student and very mature for her age. I was picking Jessica up in my car and taking her to see a show in town. I had everything planned and felt relaxed on the drive up to her house. As I approached Read more [...]

Dirty Weekend Away

I took my girlfriend to the seaside for a dirty weekend away. We had been having a few intimacy issues in our relationship, she thought I wasn't 'open' enough with her and that I kept unnecessary secrets, I thought she was a nag and wanted my space, you know how it is. The trip was to allow us a break from the norm, no everyday distractions, just the two of us. We were both looking forward to it. My girlfriend is very sensitive. No let me rephrase. She's argumentative and she'll grasp at any little Read more [...]