Be Confident

It seems counter intuitive, doesn’t it? After all, who feels confident that someone will like them on a first date? You usually go into a first date, or a second date, with a little bit of trepidation.
Do you have butterflies in your stomach? Do you keep checking yourself in the mirror? Are you worried about your hair, your clothes, how everything makes you look? It is certainly natural if you are! In the heat of the moment, when all you can think about is what might go wrong, you forget that you are really fabulous! You forget that you are talented, beautiful, and successful – that you can do anything and be anything that you want! Don’t forget that! If you believe that you are amazing, everyone else will believe so too. Yes, a confident air is indeed charming – to everyone! (This is an excellent tip for anywhere you might find yourself – to not be nervous but instead to inspire confidence in others in yourself.)
Men find it fascinating if you poses an underlying self confidence that makes you seem at ease. So forget about what you consider your flaws to be. Instead, know that you can be and do anything that you wish.
Okay, Guys, Your Turn
Deep down inside, I know that you probably are nervous. After all, you are trying to get a girl to like you, if not fall in love with you. Do you think that you want a long term relationship with this girl? Then you are even more nervous because you don’t want to mess up the good thing you have going! Don’t feel bad about admitting to yourself that you are nervous! It will actually be liberating, for, once you have admitted to yourself that you really are nervous you can work on your confident appearance.
Yes guys, women do like it when you appear to be confident and sure of yourself. However, here is a paradox for you: women also like it when you give them glimpses of your vulnerable side. Women don’t want you to be weeping on their shoulders or to seem nervous all the time, of course, but they do like you to show that you care enough about them to be a little nervous.
I know, I know – women are complicated and confusing. You still like them…and need them. So, learning what they want and like is a good idea! To summarize, a woman wants you to be strong and confident with a smooth and suave demeanor. She also wants you to show moments of “humanness”, for example: let her know after a couple dates that you were really nervous to ask her out or meet up with her.
Ladies and Gentlemen…
…remember not to overdo anything! Be natural, and be yourselves.

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