Be Exciting

No one likes boring experiences, and no one likes boring people. And no man or woman likes a boring date. So don’t become boring!
How do you ensure that you are exciting?
You know, one of the easiest ways to ensure that you are exciting is to stay abreast of the news. Discussing world news and politics can be fascinating: the world and the economy is constantly evolving, is changing more than we can keep up with most of the time! Of course, often politics can be a hotly debated topic. Do you and your date not see eye to eye in the political arena? Well, then, steer clear of politics! Instead, discuss world economics, news events, or even celebrity gossip if you are both into that kind of thing. Let me just warn you, women: most men are not that interested in celebrity gossip…
Are you both interested in the latest technology? Book reviews? Music? Film productions? Find something that both you and your date are interested in and then stay abreast of the news, the whispers, and the buzz in that area or field.
Another excellent way to be exciting is to read. And not just fiction books, either. Reading nonfiction gives you a wealth of information to draw conversation topics from. After all, it is new information that interests people in what you have to say. We can all see that just by how often the covers of gossip magazines change in the grocery store aisles!
Suggest new types of dates with your date. Do something new, something fresh. Go to a farmers market and select ingredients for a from-the-source-meal. Or go to a farm-to-table restaurant – they are always interesting, with intriguing menus and talkative waiters. Pick up a food and wine magazine, or a magazine that features restaurants in your local area and try something that you find in one of those magazines. Or, just go to a grand hotel in your home city, spend the night, order room service the next morning, and explore a whole new area of the city that you live in!
The bottom line
Just do something different! The key to being exciting and to staying exciting is to provide new experiences and new conversation! However, please do remember that you are on a date. You are wanting another human being to like you for who you are – you are working hard to please them, but please don’t forget to be yourself! Let your date fall in love with YOU, not with something that you make up – the imaginary person that you want to be! If your date genuinely likes you, you will be the most exciting if you just be yourself.

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