Be Friends

So, you think you want a lasting relationship with this person? You want a good relationship with the guy or girl you are interested in? Then, listen up: you need to be friends.
Come on, boys
Hey guys! So, what are you thinking? That you just want to have some fun with this girl? That you just want sex, or a way to while away the time? Then think again. No girl will appreciate being treated like that – no girl who is looking to date you. . .and maybe develop even more of a relationship with you.
However, since you are reading this blog, I am guessing that you actually do want to have a serious relationship with your girlfriend. Do you really like her? Do you think that she might be the one? Well, let me tell you a little secret: if you want to develop a good relationship with this woman, then you must become good friends.
Does your girlfriend profess to love football? Will she sit down and watch the big game with you? Maybe even get into some active sports with you? Even though you might not jump to this conclusion on your own, I want to let you know that your girlfriend is more likely than not taking an interest in this “guy” activities because she is interested in YOU.
Are you showing your girlfriend that you are interested in her? Are YOU trying to become intimate friends? Your girlfriend certainly wants you to do so.
To become friends with your girlfriend, take an interest in her activities. Listen attentively when she tells you about her day. Be interested in her project, her dreams, and her goals. Even go shopping with her! If malls just really aren’t your thing, then let her know that they aren’t your thing. . .and then go with her and just try to make a short trip of it.
Share details of your day with your girlfriend. Ask her about her friends. Discover her interests. . . and then take an interest in them yourself!

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