Best First Date Preparation Tips

It is exciting yet nerve wrecking to meet your online date for the first time. You’re probably going to be nervous about whether your date will be happy to see you or not? Will your date turn out to be exactly who she pretends to be? Should you dress to impress, or wear something a bit more casual? What should you talk about? These kinds of thoughts can make you panic and uneasy which can lead to a disastrous first date.

To avoid stress and have a great first date, here are some tips to help you prepare and stay relaxedfor your first night out.

Stay Cool & Calm
This is very important. If you are stressed from inside, it will show on your face which can make your date uneasy. So you have to stay cool and calm. It’s only a date, not a crucial meeting with your client.

Check on Your Plans
If you are going to a restaurant, call the restaurant to reconfirm your table reservation. You don’t want to keep her standing in the waiting line. Similarly, if you have plans to go to the movies, make sure to buy tickets beforehand.

Buzz Her to Reconfirm Your Date Plan
Give her a call to reconfirm your plans. Find out if she is coming or not. Also, if she has been too busy during the week, there are chances that she may have forgotten, so a call from your end can be a reminder to her. However, this does not mean that you have to be forceful and clingy.

Select Your Outfit
Going haywire and trying on all your clothes to see which makes you look jaw dropping smart will only get you late. So, the best way to dress up for your first date is to choose an outfit that goes best with the dating spot. A formal dress will look classy for a dinner date while denim jeans with a contrasting color t-shirt will look cool if you have a date at the basketball game.

Take a Nice Warm Shower
A nice warm water shower is soothing. It will help you loosen up and stay relaxed. You can also play some good music while you are in the shower. It will make you feel good and rejoiced.

Fresh Breath
Make sure you brush your teeth nicely and rinse with a long lasting mouthwash. This will give to fresh breath. Also, you can keep a packet of mints in your pocket to freshen up your breath for later.

Think of Few Discussions Points
Face to face conversation is often difficult then conversing on instant messenger. The best way to make your date comfortable and keep the conversation flowing is to think of a few point of discussions to break the ice. However, it should not be rehearsed because that will look unnatural.