Best Places to Take Your Date

Are you meeting your online date for the first time? Do you want to make her fall for you? If yes, the best way to do this is to think “outside the box”. Plan a date that wins her over and gets you a second date with her.

If you are thinking of taking her to the movies and then dinner, then say goodbye to her for good. This is a cliché date idea and has been done to death. This kind of night out shows either you are too boring or you are non-experimental. Also, it reflects your lack of interest and effort to plan your date.

You don’t need to get all worked up and confused now. If you want to make a great impression on her, you have to think where she can have a good time and be comfortable with you. Here are some of the best places to take your date. Choose the place according to her personality.
Dance Class

If she is fun and loves to dance, you can break the ice by taking her to a dance class. This will make her feel comfortable as the place will be surrounded by people and she will also have a great time. Try to select a dance form that she is good in for example if she loves to Salsa, you can plan your date for a Salsa dance class.

This will make her feel good and confident. You can ask her to teach you how to shake a leg. This will help you make a good start.

Also, it shows that you like to take interest in what she likes which happens to be a nice way to win a woman’s heart.

Romantic Dinner
Through her online profile, you can tell if she is sporty or she is high maintenance. If she is chic and classy, then plan a romantic evening. She will love it. Take her to a romantic 5 star restaurant where she can dress up like a diva and you can treat her like a lady. You can select an exotic Mediterranean cuisine restaurant and have a three course meal with divine tasting red wine.

Scuba Diving
If she is a water sports fanatic, take her out for an adventurous and adrenaline rushing scuba diving date. You can explore the underwater seascape together and get mesmerized by the captivating sea life.

Basketball Game
If she is a Lakers fan, you can get front row tickets to basketball game. You can enjoy hooting with her. She will enjoy your company and want to see you again.

Art Gallery
No matter how much you hate art galleries, if she likes it, you can plan a date there. This will give her a sign that you want to be with her and are more concerned about her happiness. This will make her feel very special.