Big Brother is Always Watching!

A few years back when I was working as a Bar Tender in a pub, my life was just long shifts and lock-in parties. I lived in a constant state of either under the influence or hungover. When Terry started working with us I knew he wasn’t exactly good looking or even my type, but we did have a laugh together. I wasn’t sure if I fancied him or just fancied the attention! He definitely had the hots for me though.

So we started to see each other on the sly. I didn’t want the others to know because they would just tease me. We’d sneak into the cellar regularly for a quick snog and stuff. It was fun, and broke up the long shifts. Then one night after the pub had closed we were having a staff lock-in.Everybody was drunk and busy in one corner of the bar, so me and Terry sneaked into the pool room for some private fun of our own.

We shut the door and put a stool against it so that nobody would barge in on us. We ended up doing it on the pool table. To be honest I don’t remember much of what happened because I was so drunk, but that was irrelevant because it was all caught on the security camera!

The next day our manager called a staff meeting to announce that from now on staff are to remain in the bar area during lock-in parties, and that the pool tables were for playing with snooker balls and nothing else! Everyone was confused except for me and Terry. I had turned beetroot red, I think everyone pretty much put two and two together after that.

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