Black Is Chic – Red Is Hot!

As far as fashion goes, black is classic and it’s also been said that it makes you look thinner. However, if you really want to attract someone and be desirable, add some color to your wardrobe. Red is definitely hot, and it’s not the only color that can send a message.

• Red is renowned for expressing passion and desire. Red shoes, red lipstick and even red hair are all considered, well, red hot. (Indeed, a lady with red hair is often referred to as “that fiery redhead.”)

You don’t have to go all the way and wear bright red from top to bottom. You can be subtle about it and go with just a red shirt or a red scarf thrown or tied seductively around your neck.

Experts say that there is no doubt that your choice of color says a lot about you, your personality and the message you may consciously or unconsciously be trying to convey.

• Black, for example, is considered chic, and it also signifies that your personality is timeless and that you carry yourself with authority. It’s true! Ladies, when you put on that slinky black dress, doesn’t it make you feel confident and in charge?

• White is a sign of cleanliness and purity, thus the concept of the wedding dress. Hmmm. Doesn’t it seem as if wedding dresses should be red?!?!

• Green signifies wealth (or the desire for it). It also says that you feel refreshed and calm. It signals happiness and can also make the people around you feel happy.

• Blue is peaceful and loyal and soothing to the person wearing it as well as the people he/she encounters.

• Purple is associated with luxury, romance and sophistication. It was by design that a lot of royal families wore purple attire. Purple also conveys that you are creative.

• Orange is the color of energy and exuberance. It’s perfect for social settings and falls right behind red and black as being attractive.

So next time that you are deciding what to wear, think about what message you want to send and choose the color that best suits your mood or situation. Remember, black is chic and classic, but red is hot and orange is right behind.

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