Dating Course

Relationships 101 – Everything You Need to Know!

Chemistry is what that makes you instantly click in a relationship! Looking for secrets to instantly connect with your lady love? Attention, respect love and care are the magic words! Check out the following top tips to make your relationship the latest talk of the town! Take a look:What Are the Things Women Are Looking For In A Long Term Relationship? So, what are the main things in a woman’s checklist that she looks for in her life partner? First of all, remember that all women are different Read more [...]

Step 7: Is Your Relationship Turning Rocky?

Starting to think that your perfect romance isn’t actually what you thought it would be? Watch out for the following signs to know in advance that maybe you are not headed in the right direction… Signs She May Not Be the Right One It’s possible that the girl you have fallen in love with may not be the right one for you. You will know if you notice the following signs: • You can’t be yourself around her and feel uncomfortable in talking easily. • You don’t have anything in Common Read more [...]

Step 6: Getting Started on a Serious Relationship

Starting to feel that it is more than just a fling and you are getting serious about her? Here’s how you can make her feel the same way without scaring her off.Keeping it Slow Maybe she is not ready for commitment right now? Keep it slow and comfortable for her and progress on to more serious things when you both are ready for the change.Give her Space Don’t keep hogging her all the time, telling her how much you love her and can’t live without her. Unnecessary pressurizing may Read more [...]

Step 5: Keeping the Romance Alive!

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship is the main thing that lets you cherish the bond for years! Wanna know how to make your dating life exciting and fun for both the partners? Check the following tips out! Texting vs. phone calls with dating A lot of guys are at a standstill when it comes to staying connected with their special lady – should you text or call her several times a day? If not, how much is considered to be just enough and wont creep her out? Why Should You Call Instead Read more [...]

Step 4: When Dating, First Impression is the Last Impression!

Asking the girl out on the first date may sound to be an impossible feat, what with all the nervousness surrounding you. But you can always make a lasting impression on the very first date, assuring the girl that she made the right choice in going out with you! Wanna know how? Go through the following tips! How to ask a girl out on a date? Can’t think of the right words that will make her go out with you? The following ideas will surely help you! Check them out! • Don’t Ask her, Invite Read more [...]

Step 3: Let Cupid’s Arrow Strike!

The first few conversations with a girl are sure to signal the direction in which the relationship is headed. Want to know the secrets of how to woo a girl and make her yours before even going out on a date? Here’s some information that will surely guide you! Keep reading! How to Tell If She Is Into You So you think that maybe she likes you but aren’t so sure yet? See if you notice the following signs – they are bound to tell her what’s in her heart! • Does she smile and look interested Read more [...]

Step 2: Approach Your Lady Love

To woo and make her yours, you need to make the right move at the right time! Are you one of those guys who feel shy when it comes to approaching the lady of your dreams? Go through the following set of guidelines for surefire ways to get up close and personal with women! And yes, we have also included some helpful tips on what to avoid when you are approaching a lady! Keep reading!How To and How Not To Approach Women What You Should Do… • Let The Eyes Do The Talking! – Exchanging Read more [...]

Step 1: Are You Ready to Date?

Understanding What Type of Relationship You Are Looking For Are you ready for a serious relationship at the moment or are just looking forward for some fun? Ask yourself, are you: • Looking for some casual fun and a good time. • Interested in having an open relationship for now and would wait and see if commitment falls into place after some time. • Searching for true love and ready to settle down with a perfect partner who understands you. Basically, dating is all about experimentation, Read more [...]