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6 Simples Rules To Follow With Online Dating

Whether you are older or younger, Christian or Jewish, there is at least one dating site for you. There is even sites for farmers and of course single parents. Everyone has heard the good things and the bad things about Internet dating. Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind if you decide to go that route. 1. If he/she looks too good to be true, he/she probably is. Most people will embellish their dating profile because, let’s face it, they’re trying to put their best foot forward, Read more [...]

Dress To Impress, Not Get Undressed!

It’s an age-old expression… you only get one chance at a first impression. This can especially be the case with dating. Honestly, it may start prior to even getting that first date. How you present yourself when you are in the public eye is crucial to what the opposite sex thinks of you. The way that you dress is an integral part of what kind of person you are, and, it says a lot about what you think of yourself. Men want a woman that has looks of course, but they also look for a Read more [...]

Are You Selective Or Too Picky?

So you’ve been on a few dates now but none of the guys have been “clicking” with you. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s because you’re too picky? There is a difference in being picky and selective. It’s true that we all want a partner that is perfect but the reality is, there will not be a partner that’s without flaws. Think about it. I’m sure you have some habits that can be annoying to others, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact you are a good person. Being selective Read more [...]

Things Not To Talk About On the First Date

Going on a first date can already be nerve-wracking but certain things you do can make it worse. Yes, the expression, “first impression can be a lasting impression” can ring very true on a first date. Talking to a person is a great way to get a feel of person; so you need to take some precautions when it comes to certain conversations and topics. The first date should be casual and fun. You can save your debate team skills for a later date when you both have gotten to know each other better. The Read more [...]

Courting, How Important Is It?

After the first few months of dating, the romance may begin to fade. You used to go the extra mile to surprise your partner but now it’s stopped or at a standstill. Why does this happen? It’s because you’ve settled. You’re content in your relationship and feel you don’t have to work so hard to keep your partner anymore. To be honest, that’s dangerous ground to tread. This is when relationships become monotone and boring. Remember all the cards with the heartfelt messages you used Read more [...]

You Don’t Like His Friends, Now What?

Friends are essential to life. They help you grow as a person, so you know it’s important to include your boyfriend’s buddies in the picture. But you have a small problem. You can’t stand them. This isn’t a unique scenario in the slightest but you are treading on dangerous grounds. How you deal with it can have certain consequences and ramifications in your relationship. It’s never a good idea to tell your boyfriend you don’t want him to see his friends anymore because you don’t like Read more [...]

How to Deal With Being Jealous

Jealousy can be healthy for a relationship. It makes you more aware of what an amazing person you are with. By being more aware, you may appreciate your partner more or even show some more affection towards them. Showing your jealous also can make your partner feel wanted and attractive. We all get envious once in a while and that’s all right. How you deal with your jealousy is essential to keeping your relationship healthy and not toxic. If your partner has done something to make you feel jealous, Read more [...]

Is He Cheating?

Lately your boyfriend has been distant emotionally and physically. You two haven’t been intimate in weeks. The first thing you think is, “he’s cheating!” Now before you jump the gun and think he’s been unfaithful to you, take a breath and assess the situation. There may be signs of infidelity or you may just be hitting a rough patch in your relationship. Take note of his behavior lately. Has anything changed? Is he more secretive around you? For example, he used to be more open with Read more [...]

Should You Ask Him Out?

Asking a guy out can be a traumatic experience for some women, especially if it goes wrong. What should you do? It seems like he’s giving all the signs he’s interested but he hasn’t asked you out on a date yet. Should you make the first move? While women are usually the one being asked out, they are now becoming bolder in asking men out. Yes, it can embarrassing if you get rejected, but life goes on and so do you. Don’t let that fear make you miss an opportunity. If there is a guy you’re Read more [...]

Finding a Balance with Your Friends and Boyfriend

You’ve recently just starting seeing a great guy and you are completely head over heels for him. While he may amazing, you can’t forget about your friends. Generally, when someone enters a new relationship, friends will give her a pass on disappearing for a bit of time. This doesn’t mean you completely forget about them and make your new boyfriend the center of your world. Your friends were there before you met him and they will be there in the future, don’t take advantage of this. A great Read more [...]