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When Should You Move In?

You two have both been dating for a while and now the question has come up on whether or not you should move in. Before you jump the gun and say “yes!” you need to take into consideration some things. Not only do you need to think about the immediate future, you need to think long term as well. When you move in with someone you aren’t just bringing your possessions to a new home, you are also opening yourself to the person and accepting their current situation as well. Moving in might be Read more [...]

How to Handle a Disagreement

Every couple has their disagreements. It’s part of the growing process of getting to know one another. When you get into an argument or disagreement with your partner, it’s not the end all be all. In fact I’m sure once you find a solution you will realize the argument was silly or not as extreme as you thought it was initially. It is important, regardless of how silly the argument was, that you handle it properly. Miscommunication and how you react can either escalate or diffuse the situation Read more [...]

Are You Too Needy?

It’s one thing to make your partner feel wanted. It’s another to be too needy. Now before you think you aren’t too needy, take a look at your behavior when you are with him and when you’re not. Do you do things that make others cringe or annoy your partner? You may not realize it, but you might be too clingy. When people first start dating, they want to spend as much time together as possible, but real life happens. You both have school or jobs and you other things in your life that need Read more [...]

Is He Ready For Commitment?

So you’ve been seeing a guy for a while now but he still has yet to ask if you want it to be official. You know he hasn’t been seeing anyone else and he does seem really into you. What gives? What signs should you look for to see if he’s ready for commitment? If the guy you are dating just got out of a serious committed relationship before you started dating, you may be the first person he is seeing. He also might not be over his ex, so be careful how you tread these waters. Be prepared Read more [...]

Social Media and Dating, What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

Dating and social media can be a beautiful thing. Through social media you can meet potential love interests and then once you find a great guy you can share all the wonderful things you do with him. Even if you love to share everything about yourself, you should think before you type that new status update. There is a delicate balance when it comes to oversharing and revealing too much information on your social platforms. As stated before, oversharing is something you definitely shouldn’t Read more [...]

Is it Toxic?

Toxic relationships are a tricky thing to deal with, especially if you don’t know you’re in one. While you may think your partner is a great person, he may not be the best for you. If you are unsure of whether or not you are in a toxic relationship, you will need to look for certain warning signs to confirm it. When you and your partner get into a disagreement, does he ever insult you or use name-calling as a tactic to hurt you? Throwing insults at you or at each other should never occur during Read more [...]

Should You Kiss on the First Date?

The question of kissing on the first date is a fairly common one. Kissing is a great way to physically connect with someone without going all the way, but sometimes it may send the wrong idea that all you want is a fling, especially on the first date. The best way to decide whether or not you should kiss him on the first date really depends on how the date is going. In dating you should take the “rules” as guidelines not law, sometimes they should be broken and it can result in a great relationship. Men Read more [...]

Signs He’s Into You

Trying to figure out whether or not the guy you’re seeing is into you can be a complicated thing. You don’t want to read too much into his gestures but you don’t want him to think you aren’t interested. So how can you tell he likes you? What signs should you look for? Often times the little things he does and how he acts around you can give away that he’s totally digging you as well. Does he call you or send you random texts messages during the day? Has he made an effort to go out of Read more [...]

Should You Stay Friends After Breaking Up?

Breaking up is a hard thing to do. At times it’s messy and emotionally draining. So what do you do now after you and your significant other end the relationship? Should you try to be friends or cut him completely out of your life? Even if you want him in your life in some way, shape, or form, it might not be the best idea to force a friendship, especially if the breakup wasn’t amicable or mutual. If he broke up with you, it’s highly likely you are not over him. In order to move on with Read more [...]

Should You Date Someone Who’s Not Your Type?

Everyone has certain things they look for in a person when it comes to dating. It could be physical things like height, hair color, or even nice teeth. Looking for a certain type also can go for personality traits like humor, empathy, and loyalty. While it’s nice to have certain guidelines when looking for a partner, having a certain type might be holding you back from finding someone great. If all the men you have dated in your past met the requirements on your list and none have lasted, it may Read more [...]