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First Date Conversation Tips For Men

Going on a first date with a woman whom you’ve met through an online dating website can be exciting & challenging. Exciting because it’s your first meeting and there is plenty to talk about. And challenging because since you are meeting her for the first time you are worried how to break the ice and make her feel comfortable. You don’t want to ask her a mood killer question that makes her never want to see you again. Here are some best first date conversations tips that can help you make Read more [...]

Come Out of Your Shell- Great Dating Tips for Shy Men

You don’t always have to be an alpha male to score a gorgeous date. Even shy guys like you can get incredible women to date and possibly enjoy a successful relationship. If you think you are single because of your innate bashful tendency and lack of courage to ask women out on a date, then it’s time to come out of your shell, leave your comfort zone and find your dating partner now. If you are someone that feels shy approaching women in person, then online dating is the perfect way for Read more [...]

Amazing Birthday Gifts For Women

The best way to win a woman’s heart is to remember all the dates and days important to her, especially her birthday. If your girlfriend’s birthday is just around the corner then you must definitely be getting worked up on what to gift her this year that will make her feel special and lucky. Here is a list of birthday gifts that can help you give the best birthday surprise to your girlfriend. Take Her Out on a Shopping Spree Women love to shop. If you have a substantial bank account balance Read more [...]

6 Tips To Score A Second Date With A Woman Out of Your League

To make a great impression on your first date with a gorgeous lady, whom you totally have the hots for but at the same time you know she is way out of your league, can be challenging. It’s your first and last chance to blow her mind and score a second date. Here are 6 tips to help you make a long lasting alluring first impression that will leave her gaga over you. 1.Think Outside the Box If she is super hot, she must have gone on several romantic dates to 5 star restaurants. So, taking her Read more [...]

5 Things You Must Know About The Man You Are Dating Before You Get Into A Serious Commitment

When you date a guy through an online dating service, it has its own perks. Before you meet him in person, you can learn about him, his likes and dislikes through his dating profile. Also, you can have a nice conversation with him via chatting rooms or emails. If you have been dating the man you met online in person and now you think it’s time to get into a serious commitment then here are 5 things you should know before you end up regretting your decision. His Family Origin If you haven’t Read more [...]

4Definite Dating Deal Breakers for Men

Have you ever noticed that the man you met at the online dating service website was so into you but now he isn’t, why? Usually men and women have two purposes of reaching out to an online dating website. One that they are done with flings and they want to be in a serious relationship while the second is to get laid and move on. It’s easy to tell when the man you met online is interested and head over heels for you. Well, he will go an extra mile to make the relationship work, calls you and Read more [...]

4 Common Mistakes Guys Make When Messaging Girls

So you’re browsing various profiles on your favorite online dating site and you come across a woman you really like. She’s attractive, interesting, and you would like to get to know her better. You decide you want to write her a message, but what should you write? Well, here are some common mistakes that guys make when messaging a girl for the first time. 1: Boring You decide to message the girl, but you can’t decide what to say so you play it safe and go with “Hi.” You wait Read more [...]