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6 Qualities of the Ladies for Marriage

If you have been dating for a while, or probably living together for a couple of months or a few years, the thought of marriage might have already crossed your mind. However, there are times when you think if you are ready to take the plunge or you have to wait a little longer before finally walking down the aisle. If you are a guy, you would want to know if the girl in front of you is the right person and is a great partner before you pop the question. And if you are a girl, you will Read more [...]

The Importance and Limits of Honesty and Openness in Online Dating

When it comes to honesty, there is really no excuse for not offering that to your potential date or, ultimately, life partner. However, being open about everything regarding life and being honest about all you’ve done, feel, or believe does have limits when it comes to dating. If you were a bit wild in your youth and that led to some embarrassing decisions that had to be made, is that something you really want to share with somebody before they get to know the real you? For example, let’s Read more [...]

The First Date Kiss

Okay, ladies, you’ve got a new first date to plan for. What if there are sparks? What if you find yourself laughing incessantly, smiling every second, and in total bliss? What happens next? As much as we want to end a perfect date on an ever more perfect note, there’s something to consider with that first date kiss. Should you even consider it? What happens after the first date’s first kiss? Will it be as memorable than if you waited for another time? Let’s explore this a little bit. When Read more [...]

Oh’ and 10: What Mistakes You May be Making on First Dates

In the sporting world, and 0 (‘Oh’) and whatever record means that you’re not doing well. Do you feel like that when it comes to your dating life? If you can’t seem to find the right guy, but only discover that they’re not right on the first date, then you might be missing clues earlier or something’s amiss with your selection abilities. This doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong, but let’s face it: when guy after guy after guy just isn’t making the cut, then it’s Read more [...]

How to Calm Nerves on a First Date

Going on a first date is often a trying time. You want to not only look your best, but you want to impress. You spend hours getting ready, hemming and hawing about the right outfit, struggling to get your hair to be perfect, worried that your makeup isn’t quite right, and then when you’re running late, your nerves are raw. So how can you calm your nerves on a first date so that you’re not only relaxed, but you provide a great first impression? Well, let’s first assume that this isn’t Read more [...]

Holding Back After a Great First Date

You had a great first date and you can’t wait to tell your best friend, your family, your sisters, your boss, and anyone else who is willing to listen. Heck, even during the day you’re thinking about all the people you’re going to tell about this great guy. When it comes to first dates, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that they are just that: first dates. First dates are an important process in the dating world, but a great first date does not mean that you have found Mr. Right or that Read more [...]

Finding Out ‘Who’ He Really Is

Do you know who the guy you met online really is? When it comes to online dating, a person could theoretically be anybody they want. The guy who looks like a model could actually be a forty-something bald man with a beer belly the size of Rhode Island. While online dating sites have made great efforts to make it safe for men and women to meet online and ultimately go out on first dates, there are always going to be individuals who misrepresent themselves in their profiles. This goes for women Read more [...]

Women: Do You Really Need To Get Remarried?

Let’s say that you’ve been in a marriage for a while and during your marriage, you had some ups and downs with your husband. As time progressed, the downs began to outnumber the ups and the two of you eventually ended up splitting up. After been married for some time, you’re back out on your own. Now that you’re single again, you ask yourself: is it a good idea for you to remarry?Being in a marriage does have several benefits. One of the main benefits is that you will have someone Read more [...]

Dating for Divorced Women: Does Age Really Matter?

Divorce signifies a major change in your romantic life. There’s no way around the fact that if you want to be in another relationship, you basically have to start from scratch. Sooner or later, the matter of your age will probably cross your mind. Does age really matter when it comes to finding another husband? If so, how much?The answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” Your age definitely makes a difference when it comes to finding a new husband. If you’ve been married Read more [...]

5 Things to Look for When Meeting Men Online

When you meet men online, you’re going to come across a wide range of them, from the laid back, confident types to the arrogant, brash, and braggadocio, and then you might find the kind, sweet, shy types that tend to be left out in the dark. The most important thing to remember when you begin to meet men online is that you might have to sift through a ton to find a few worthy of a date (by your standards). Meeting men online is quite different than meeting in person, but there are some similarities Read more [...]