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5 Tips to Respond to Men Online

Signed up for an online dating service? Wondering how to respond to men online? If yes, then worry no more! Here are some tips that will help you screen out Mr. Right online. Often, the results you get on an online dating website can make you jump with joy, but it’s important for you to screen out the perfect match before you go on an actual date. Read His Profile Properly Not every man who hits on you is the “One”. You need to give it a rest and take it slowly. Since you have signed Read more [...]

Dating Tips For Women After A Breakup

Being dumped by someone you’ve been dating for multiple years is heart breaking. The question that keeps haunting you through this rough patch is where did you go wrong? Putting the blame on yourself for the breakup is not the best way to deal with it. This attitude just makes you feel guilty and regretful. Worst of all, it makes it extremely difficult for you to dive back into the dating pool. Agreed, it’s not easy to forget someone you loved and pictured yourself with for the rest of your Read more [...]

Fashion Tips For Women To Look Their Best On The First Date

Dressing up for your first date with the man you have only seen in pictures and met through an online dating service website is heart jumping and nerve-racking. You have no clue how to impress him and how is he going to react when he sees you in person. So, it’s your first and last chance to make an impression. If you dress up like a fashion disaster then, he might never call you back. The perfect way to drive him crazy the first time he sees you is to be confident and dress according to Read more [...]

5 Signs He is Your Mr. Right

When you’re seeking for a dating partner through an online dating service website, you will find many dating profiles that fulfill your Mr. Right criteria. However, to find your real Mr. Right, you need to start dating actively and give sometime to your relationship before you jump to any conclusions. The chances of finding your Perfect Match on your first date are 50/50. Sometimes you need to go through a few bad relationships to get to your right guy, but if you’re lucky you might find him Read more [...]

Tips To Help Older Women Enjoy A Smooth Relationship With Younger Men

A decade ago, the idea of older women dating younger men raised eyebrows and many questions, but not anymore! Younger men are now actively dating older women and vice versa because when you are in love, age definitely becomes a number and nothing else. Another important thing to realize is that as magical as this kind of relationship may seem, it still does not have a high success ratio which is usually because older women are slightly more controlling. If you are also seeing a younger man Read more [...]

Peculiar Dating Habits Women Should Avoid On Their First Date

Going on a first date can be nerve wracking and confusing for women which is often why some end up acting peculiar during them. Here are some most common weird habits that women should avoid on their first date to ensure that they don’t blow their chances of a second date: One Word Answers One word answers like yes and no can turn him off right away. It might make him feel you are not interested. Therefore, try to elaborate your answers but try not to talk too much. That can bore him to tears! Talking Read more [...]

First Date Safety Tips For Women

If you are meeting your date, someone you met online, for the first time, then you must consider a few first date safety tips. This is important because not every guy you meet online is who he pretends to be. You should always be careful when you go out with an unknown man, especially if you are a single parent. Here are some safety tips: Plan Your First Date at a Public Place Try to keep your first date all about getting to know each other and the best way to do this is to select a public Read more [...]

7Signs That Tell Your Date Is So into You

Plucking petals and keeping the score of showy gestures like flowers and gifts are not exactly the signs that tell you the hottie you are dating is head over heels for you. If you want to know that the man you are out with wants more than a fling, then you need to pay attention to the little details. Here are 7 signs to look out for: He Takes Out Time to Call You If your date is into you, then you don’t have to check your phone incessantly and wait anxiously for it to ring. He will take Read more [...]