No, I am not telling you again that you need to be clean – we have already gone over that. Also, no, I am not telling women that they need to keep a clean house. Most women do keep a clean house. For the women who do not keep a clean house, let me just say that a clean and TIDY house is very, very important to some guys. . .it is especially important when you and your boyfriend are considering living together, furthering your relationship, etc.
Guys, have a clean house
Now, fellows, let’s talk. Women do like clean and tidy spaces. Sometimes compulsively. Maybe it is because their house growing up was a mess, or maybe it is because their mothers taught them to be meticulous. Whatever the reason, just know that a clean, neat, good smelling, and pretty space greatly impresses a woman. Let me emphasize that. It REALLY, REALLY, REALLY impresses a woman! Guys are stereotyped as being slobs. That is because there are those guys whose mothers have not taught them to clean. Whether or not you are one of them, I just want to remind you again that a woman will be hugely impressed if you apartment or house is neat, organized, CLEAN, and GOOD SMELLING!
Please, please do make sure your apartment doesn’t smell like sweaty, dirty, smelly guy. That is one of the biggest turn offs for a girl. No self-respecting woman wants to let a guy undress her in anything that smells like a frat house!
In case you need me to clarify what I mean by a neat, clean, and tidy house, I will go ahead and explain myself. To have a neat house you have to pick up your shoes and put them away. You have to hang things up in your closet and not leave them on the floor. You also need to make sure there are no dirty dishes on the counter, no stray newspapers lying around, nothing on the couch besides throw pillows and possibly a nicely folded blanket. The bed must be made, too. To have a tidy house, you must have throw pillows on the bed, all the clean dishes put away, and picture frames and knickknacks and magazines straightened. To have a clean house, the carpet must be vacuumed, the tile or linoleum must be mopped (just sweeping it leaves food stuck to your kitchen floor), and the counters must be carefully wiped. Also, there shouldn’t be crumbs on your couch.
So, just remember, a woman loves a clean, neat, and tidy house (or apartment)!

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