Come prepared

If you ask a person out, make sure you come prepared with an agenda or a plan about your date. Never show up to your date and ask the question, “what do you want to do” because that typically results in a lot of back and forth dialogue that leads nowhere and often starts the date out on an awkward foot. Have a restaurant picked out or an activity that you think your date will enjoy and bring the enthusiasm. You do not have to plan anything extravagant or dine at the most expensive restaurants but do plan something that is friendly to the dating environment. You never want those uncomfortable and awkward moments of silence so try to create a date that minimizes that potential.

When planning a date that involves dining out, go with a restaurant that is safe. Never assume your date like foreign cuisine because that may not be the case. There are plenty of restaurants that are safe and offer cuisine that is suitable for a broad range of tastes so, don’t restrict the evenings menu to a specific type of food unless you know your date is favorable for it. You will also want to avoid restaurants that specialize in messy food, like crab, ribs, and even barbecue. Make sure you know the ambiance of the restaurant whether it is a quiet setting, in an open space or a loud sports bar. Only you know your date and your personal expectations so make sure you plan accordingly. If you are nervous and a bit intimidated by the date you may want to try a busier restaurant for some distraction. If you are into your second, third or more dates, you may want something a little more private and personable.

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