Never trash talk the friends

Never trash talk the friends
If you have been dating for awhile, you may have become acquainted with the family and friends, and, you may not like the family and friends. You have probably spent sometime with his or her family, and gotten to know them. Likewise, you have also interacted with his friends, and see the way he interacts with his friends. You may not like what you have seen, and you may not like how he or she acts around friends. This is a tough one because they have been part of his or her life for a long time. Perhaps they are not the best or the nicest, and maybe they have even earned your discontent, but, you cannot allow yourself to trash talk those people that have been closest to your boyfriend or girlfriend. When you trash talk the family or friends that could sabotage the relationship or it can permanently damage their relationship with the family and friends. Try communicating your frustrations to your partner in a way that they can receive the criticism.

Maybe from what you have seen, they are not the best influence and so your concerns are very valid. This still presents a prickly situation because he or she will defend the friendships and family. You cannot attack over issues like these. Maybe there is a valid excuse or reason behind the behaviors and perhaps there is a workable solution. You should discuss with your partner the things that you see and what you do not like. However, before you say what you don’t like and what bothers you, try to point out some good things because this will make the conversation a bit easier and tolerable. Just understand, you will need to exercise caution and good judgment with your approach.

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