Control the spirits

Having a drink often breaks the ice and makes things a little more relaxed, but having too much to drink often creates and unattractive mess. Avoid having too much to drink and becoming intoxicated because it may be a turnoff to your date. It is no secret that alcohol impairs your judgment and cripples any rational reasoning abilities. You may end up in an embarrassing situation or in a place you do not want to be, or, you may have just have permanently damaged a possible relationship. Go ahead and have a drink or two to break the ice, but no more, and remember, like most things, there is a time and a place and the first few dates are not the platform.

Be a good listener
Being a good listener is not only good advice for people dating, it is a solid characteristic to have period. However, in dating, it is very important to make sure you are fully attentive to your date. Be interested and focused on what they are saying. Ask questions, give input and let them know you are enjoying what they are saying and want to hear more. Don’t be formulating responses in your head while your date is speaking, and don’t allow yourself to mentally drift away because you date will sense that. By listening, you can learn a lot about a person and discover if this is the right person to invest your time with or otherwise, but you will only know that by listening.

Be a little flirty
Whether you are trying to land a date or you are trying to solidify another date flirting is a good way to show your interest. Flirting is fun and playful and should be done by both parties. If you are trying to land a date, you need to let the person know you are interested so catch their eyes every few seconds. Keep turning your head in their direction with glances and smiles. If you are in a group talking, venture out with love taps, winks or smiles to get the point across. Teasing, giggling, touching, winking are all apart of the flirting family and should be used liberally. Flirting is the best way to get someone’s attention and let them know you are interest. Flirting always makes people feel good, as long as it is not overdone, remember, you can scare off a potential date by being too flirty or overbearing

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