Courting, How Important Is It?

After the first few months of dating, the romance may begin to fade. You used to go the extra mile to surprise your partner but now it’s stopped or at a standstill. Why does this happen? It’s because you’ve settled. You’re content in your relationship and feel you don’t have to work so hard to keep your partner anymore. To be honest, that’s dangerous ground to tread. This is when relationships become monotone and boring.
Remember all the cards with the heartfelt messages you used to give her? While she knows how you feel about her, it’s still nice to express it occasionally so surprise her with one after she’s had a hard day. These are the little things you should continue to do even after the so-called “honeymoon” phase. You never want your partner to feel as if you’ve settled into the relationship. Like you, she is voluntarily in the relationship because of how she feels about you. By being conscious of making her feel wanted and loved she will want to also reciprocate those actions as well. In the end it’s beneficial for the both of you.
Now courting doesn’t mean doing outrageous things that will cost you money or a ridiculous amount of effort, but it’s still important to be conscious of it. The definition of courting states that a person “pays special attention to someone in an attempt to win their support or favor” or to “be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying.” While the second definition can seem a bit old-fashioned, the goal of wanting to be in your partner’s favor should always be on your mind. Basically courting makes your partner feel like she’s wanted and thought of frequently. Think of all the little things she does to make you happy, what if she stopped? How would you feel? These are the things you have to think about and how impactful it can really be to a relationship.
Now what can you do to court your partner? Take her out on dates, pamper her, or even listening to her are great things to do. Each of these things will show her you are putting an effort into the relationship but most importantly into her. Don’t forget to do the little things to make your partner happy, like you used to.

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