Creative Dating Gone Horribly Wrong

I go on so many dates that it can get a bit repetitive, so I’ve started to be a bit more creative and the girls seem to like it. There was this one time that it completely backfired though. I knew that this girl I wanted to impress was kind of arty. She was into sculpture so I thought she might appreciate a life-drawing class. I booked it and didn’t tell her what I had in mind. I wanted her to think we were just going to the pictures or something ordinary so that it would be more of a surprise.

The session was being held in a venue room above a pub. We were running a little late. She seemed a little taken aback when we arrived at the pub, because it doesn’t really look like the kind of place you would take a woman on a first date. It was a bit run-down. I told her to relax and that we were going to an event being held upstairs, so she was cool.

When we got upstairs I opened the door for her and said ladies first. I followed behind and was really annoyed to see that the nude model was an attractive man with an enormous penis. Her face lit right up!

We found a couple of easels and the tutor welcomed us and explained that they were doing quick five minute sketches to warm up and that the model would be moving about. As if I wasn’t uncomfortable enough, the model really did like to move about! At one point he turned with his back to me and bent right over so that all I had to draw was his ass hole. It was horrific.

That’s not all, in between sketches he would wander around looking at people’s drawings, completely butt naked. I just wanted to tell him to back up, but my date was really enjoying herself, so I couldn’t really say much at all could I?

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