Dating A Co-Worker Yes, No, Maybe

Despite the popularity of online dating some people still have issues with it. They feel uncomfortable putting themselves out there to complete strangers, fear the technology or maybe had one too many online dating disasters that make them want to find a new way to meet potential dates.

So where do you go to look for a possible love connections. Bars? Not the best idea. Church…hmm? Maybe, but it’s not date territory really. Where else are you on a regular basis? Well, on the job, right?

There is a lot of controversy swirling around office romances. For good reason, too. Some corporations discourage it without actually banning it, but flaunting the unwritten rule could cost you your bonus. Other companies flat out forbid employees to engage in personal dating relationships especially if it is a small one and everybody could get drawn into dating drama if it doesn’t go well. So before you consider dating at the office, make sure you are crystal clear on your company’s policy on such a thing.

If you were undecided as to whether or not inter-office romance is a good idea, this article probably didn’t help you decide. It’s really a matter of personal choice and what it says in your employee handbook.

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