Dating does not equal relationship

Make sure you understand that just because you are dating, it does not mean you are in a committed relationship. Dating is getting to know the other person and allowing them to get to know you. Most people are not dating several people at one time, but there are a few brave souls out there who do multiple dating. However, even if you are both only dating each other, until that has been verbalized and made clear that you want to move forward exclusively, then you are still dating and not in a relationship. Yes, that may be hard to swallow but an important fact to remember.

When a date or two doesn’t work out
We’ve all been there, things just didn’t quite click for the other person and they want to date other people. Sure, it hurts, especially if you really liked the person but don’t spend too much time analyzing what went wrong but don’t beat yourself up because someone doesn’t want to continue dating. It is unfortunate when one person feels a connection and believes there is chemistry and the other is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Naturally, you will want to find out why, but don’t bother. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in something like that but rather move on and put your energy into someone new.

A snails pace is okay
Every relationship is different and while some move along very quickly, others move at a snails pace often leaving one of the parties frustrated. Try not to focus on whether you are immediately moving towards a relationship or if you are stuck in the dating arena. If you are too impatient, you may end up ending prematurely. It is hard when all your friends are coupling up and becoming committed to feel like you are still floundering on dates, so stop comparing yourself. There is no protocol to how relationships advance so stop obsessing and enjoy dating.

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