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Hello there! Thanks for clicking on my profile. As the lucky winner you will get to know a little more about me. I’m glad you found my picture intriguing, hopefully what I have to say will interest you even more. So please keep reading and perhaps you’ll enjoy what I have to say.
As you can probably already tell, I like to be funny and amusing. A girl’s laughter is music to my ears, especially if the laughter is coming from a special girl who has my heart. Besides, we all know that girls hate boring guys who can’t make them laugh. After all, it is the essence of life and should be part of daily life. Without laughter, life and the world would be a very sad place.
Now I’m pretty open when it comes to relationships and am willing to date a girl regardless of distance as long as we both make time for each other. We also need to keep each other involved with what the other is doing because that’s what really matters. Also, skype or video chatting is extremely important to me. I’ve seen those catfishing shows and do not want to fall victim to that! So if you don’t have a webcam or some sort of device that can show your face, it’s not going to work between us. While I want to find love, there is just too much risk that I might be talking to a dude and I’m not really into that at all.
In all seriousness, I do know when it’s the right time to stop cracking jokes and be serious. I’ve learned the hard way that being the funny guy all the time can lead to broken hearts on both ends of the spectrum. I’m very down to earth and I know how listen to the context of your statements. I completely understand that when you say “do whatever you want” it really doesn’t mean do whatever I want! (Sorry I had to put that joke in there somewhere).
If you are interested in a funny guy who has a sensitive side, then I am your guy. I will bend over backwards for those I care about and will move the world in order to make you happy and see you smile. I hope that you enjoyed this little bit about myself and if you did, send over a message and say hi!

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