Dating Profile Sample Male 3

The boldest and craziest thing I’ve ever done for a relationship was fly to South Africa on a whim to surprise my girlfriend. I was young (23) and pretty broke, but I scrounged up my pennies and found a way to get to her place. Did I forget to mention that I am also terrified of height and flying? Let’s just say being in the air for over 10 hours was a bit unnerving and nerve wracking to say the least. While I was scared to death, flying over the scenery was so moving and surreal to me and also a life changing experience. It opened my eyes to how special and wonderful life really is.
While things with me and my girlfriend didn’t work (hence why I’m here) I still cherished the learning experience I had. In fact I believe every relationship is a learning experience. It’s important to take the great memories and treasure them and it’s also important to take the bad experiences and learn why they happened the way they did. I want to find a girl shares the same thoughts as me. It doesn’t mean have to agree on everything but it should mean we share the same viewpoints when it comes to a relationship. Relationships require effort and I want someone who can put the same amount into it as I will.
I love to spoil my girlfriend (I don’t know if I should admit this, but why not.) This can mean making your favorite breakfast and serving it to you in bed or surprising you at lunch with flowers. This doesn’t mean I want a girl who will take advantage of my kindness and use me! No, I want a girl who really sees how much I try to please her will want to do the same in return.
Another thing you should know? I’m pretty shy. Yes, the first time we meet you’ll probably do all the talking. I hope you don’t mind. However once I get to know you, I’m the biggest goofball to be around. That side though is only for a special girl who gets my heart. Otherwise I’m pretty reserved and instead of talking, I like to observe my surroundings.
I hope you found my profile interesting. If you did , please shoot me a message, I would love to hear from you and perhaps get to know you a little more. Thanks again and hopefully we will chat soon!

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