Desperate Date Decision

My first ever boyfriend’s name was Phil, and we were in our late teens. My mum’s religious and his mum was an alcoholic, so whenever we went on a date and wanted to stay at each other’s houses we’d have to do it in secret. It was annoying but also pretty exciting because we were young and in love.

One night I snuck phil into my bedroom knowing that that he wouldn’t be able to leave in the morning because it would be the weekend and my parents wouldn’t be leaving the house early to go to work. It was naughty of me, but I thought it would be fun to have him as my little prisoner for the better part of the day. Phil was really angry though because he was meant to be going to work the next day and I hadn’t realised. There was no way he was getting out of the house without us being caught so he had to call in sick for work.

The following weekend I stayed at his place instead, but he decided to get me back by leaving quietly in the morning and leaving me a note, saying that he’d be back from work later and that there was a sandwich and snacks on the side in case I got hungry. I couldn’t believe it!

I knew that his mum, being an alcoholic would probably be passed out somewhere in the house and probably wouldn’t notice me sneaking out. She wasn’t the problem though. My problem was Phil’s really scary dog that was hungrily waiting outside his bedroom door, probably to attack me if I opened it. Thing is I was dying for a pee!

I opened the door slightly and peered through the crack, the dog was there staring at me and started to growl underneath his throat. I was so freaked. I don’t like dogs, but I was squirming with a full bladder from the drinking of the night before. I threw out bits of the sandwich to try and distract the dog, but it was no good, I was way too terrified to leave the room.

Absolutely desperate now, I had to frantically rummage around for something to pee in, and the only thing I could find was one of Phil’s boots. They were expensive ones too! But there was nothing else! It had to be done. When he came back I had to tell him what I had been forced to do, even though it was so embarrassing, I kind of figured it served him right. He was really upset with me, but knew it wasn’t my fault. So we went halves to buy him another pair.

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