Dirty Weekend Away

I took my girlfriend to the seaside for a dirty weekend away. We had been having a few intimacy issues in our relationship, she thought I wasn’t ‘open’ enough with her and that I kept unnecessary secrets, I thought she was a nag and wanted my space, you know how it is. The trip was to allow us a break from the norm, no everyday distractions, just the two of us. We were both looking forward to it.

My girlfriend is very sensitive. No let me rephrase. She’s argumentative and she’ll grasp at any little issue she can and we’ll be bickering for days. I was determined not to give her anything to bicker about on this trip.

The train journey was a struggle, I was sleepy but she wanted to talk, so I had to try and stay awake while she was accusing me of not being interested in what she was saying. The hotel was a disappointment according to my girlfriend, and I was the one to blame because I had made the bookings. The weather was rubbish and it was my fault her hair was all over the place because I wanted to go for a walk down by the sea despite the wind.

To be honest, I thought she looked sexy in the wind, I thought the hotel was ideal – we had a nice big bouncy bed which was going to come in handy later, and I was thankful for all her nagging on the train, without it I’d have definitely fallen asleep and been in even bigger trouble with her!

The highlight of the trip though had to be when we were sitting on a bench bickering as usual, and a seagull landed one on her head! The beauty of it was that she didn’t notice, and I didn’t tell her. So for the rest of the day I had the pleasure of knowing that it didn’t matter how much shit my girlfriend was giving me, because she was the one with shit on her head! She never found out either, because she just washed her hair as usual in the shower before bed.

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