Don’t be Negative

Negativity is a downer and should be a no, no for everyone, but unfortunately, for many, it is that is a characteristic that comes naturally. Unfortunately, it is also a characteristic that is a turn off, especially in the dating scene. Whether you are new to the dating scene after a long time from dating or whether you are a serial dater, you need to know that negativity is a complete turn off for most people. Negativity is a habit that must be broken. Try not to allow the little things to bother you and try really hard not to complain about them. You can create a positive mood and atmosphere or a negative one, but the latter may cost you. Sure, there may be legitimate things to complain about like your job, family or friend, and if you must vent, wait until you are with a friend who knows you well enough to not be turned off by your excessive venting. When you are on a date, practice seeing the good in things and control the negative tongue.

Don’t be Needy
Neediness is not a good trait to have when dating; in fact, it is not an attractive trait to have period. Neediness is an instant turnoff for many people and often becomes relationship suicide, and if you show that you are excessively needy during the dating stages, you may never get to the relationship. It is alright to show your date that you enjoy their company, and want to spend more time together; however, you must find the balance between appreciation and overbearing, and that is relatively easy to do. If you find yourself obsessing, then you may have already crossed the line so you need to examine your actions. Control your texting, calling and emailing because that demonstrates neediness and you may cause your date to run and never look back. Allow the relationship to grow naturally, not by forcing it to happen.

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