Don’t settle

Don’t settle for less than what you want in a relationship because you that will ultimately lead to unhappiness. It is okay to tweak your expectations here and there because nobody is perfect and you may have unreasonable standards, but never settle on the important qualities. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially if you have been in a dating rut for some time. Many people will latch onto someone strictly because they are responding to them favorably regardless of the lack of chemistry or romantic feelings and this is unfair to both parties. Remember, if there are particular qualities that you want in the opposite sex as well as shared interests, then don’t settle for anything less.

Stop texting and have a conversation
Yes, we live in a media dominant society and that has both pluses and minuses when it comes to relationships. Texting is a convenient way to get a quick message across or a reminder but it is not an ideal form of communication. Communication is best when done voice to voice, whether in person or on the phone. Texting can be frustrating, tiring and also lead to many misunderstanding. A person can easily interpret a text as something insensitive or hurtful. If you want to communicate with someone you are interested in, then take the time to talk on the phone or meet somewhere and talk because that is healthier

First impressions
For many people, their first impression of someone can lead to a date or kill any potential dating possibilities. However, first impressions are not always in alignment of a person’s true character. You may not know the reasoning behind a person’s behavior or actions and making a judgment about them could be totally unfounded. Sure, there are times when first impressions are right on and their true colors align with the first impression you had but often, that is not the case. If someone is interested in you and you had a poor first impression, give it a second chance. You will know soon enough whether your first impressions were right or wrong.

Instincts can be good
We all have basic instincts about everything and many of those instincts are unfounded and others are completely accurate. After you have been dating someone for awhile, you will develop and understanding of them and their actions. If something doesn’t seem right, then you will most-likely be able to tell based on their actions or responses. If your basic instinct is telling you that something isn’t right about the person or the situation, try to figure out what it that is bothering you. Most the time, our instincts are on the right path and whether we are one hundred percent accurate or just on the right trail, you should use your instincts to try and uncover any potential relational hang-ups.

Jealousy can be a deal breaker
Jealousy is a very unattractive quality among many people and it is also a relationship killer. Jealousy is an emotion that many people struggle to control and can paralyze a relationship from growing and lead to many heated discussions or arguments. Many people become possessive and jealous because of their partner does things that make it easy to be jealous. If this is the case, then the relationship should be reevaluated. Others become jealous because of past experiences. You cannot allow your past experience to dictate your future. Have open discussions with your partner about what makes you jealous and discuss boundaries. If your partner believes in the relationship, they will be willing to make some concessions to help you work through your jealousy. If you find that you are unable to trust your partner, for whatever reason, then you may need to terminate the romance until you can.

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