Don’t use sex as a weapon

Sex is a very important part of a relationship and when couples become intimate, it takes the relationship to a new and more exciting level. There is a closeness and vulnerability that comes with physical intimacy, and all of that is a good thing and will enhance the relationship. For many couples, sexual intimacy adds a deeper bond and connection between the couple. Sex is something very special and should never be taken for granted, and the sexual intimacy of a relationship should never be used for power or to get something you want. In addition, sex should never be used to punish your partner. Of course, no couple goes into their relationship believing they will ever use sex as a weapon, however, it does happen and it happens in a very subtle way. A partner in the relationship should not withhold sex from the other partner out of spite, anger, or to make a point. This can lead to a lot of hurt feelings, and confusion because one does not have anything to do with the other. No, you shouldn’t have sex when you are really angry with each other, but you should also not avoid having sex because you are going through a hard time, or if you are trying to get what you want. In addition, you should never use sex as a reward. Sex is not the gold start that a partner receives after doing everything that you want them to do. Sex is not a tool that can be used as punishment or a reward method because it takes the beauty out of the intimacy. When couples feel that sex is being used as a weapon or a means of punishment, then it is time to have a discussion before the issue becomes worse, and the relationship is strained.

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