Dress To Impress, Not Get Undressed!

It’s an age-old expression… you only get one chance at a first impression. This can especially be the case with dating.
Honestly, it may start prior to even getting that first date. How you present yourself when you are in the public eye is crucial to what the opposite sex thinks of you.

The way that you dress is an integral part of what kind of person you are, and, it says a lot about what you think of yourself.

Men want a woman that has looks of course, but they also look for a lady that has a good heart, a brain and morals. Ladies, those physical parts that you are exposing are most likely not going to last forever. So think about how you present yourself and what kind of man that you want to attract.

It starts when your eyes first meet, maybe at the mall or while you are out on the town hanging with your crew. Maybe you were wearing a top that didn’t cover your tatas to the point that you were close to having a wardrobe malfunction.

The physical impression that you are showing off your ass, I mean assets, is his first take on you. Ladies, it’s possible to dress with class and still show off your figure. Do it in a tasteful way if you are looking for a quality man. The way that you present yourself also says a lot about what you think of yourself. Those that feel that they have to expose body parts to attract a date probably have low self-esteem. It says that you don’t think you have much to offer someone in terms of brains and character.

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